This is Internal Pointers. It's a place where I collect all the knowledge I'm gathering through my existence. I've found that writing down things in a well-formatted fashion helps me to better fix ideas in my mind. Topics will range between Mathematics, Information Technology, Finance, Psychology and any other scientific subject that tingles my mind. I don't want to teach you anything within these pages, but if you find something useful you are free to share it. All feedback are welcome.

— Triangles, May 2015

articles series

Adventures in stock markets

Everything I wanted to know about public companies, their shares and what one can do with them.

First approach to machine learning

Wandering through the field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Mainly based on Machine Learning course @ Coursera.

latest articles

Buying and selling stocks: how-to

Let's disclose what happens behind that click on the "buy" button. written on November 20, 2016

Android to Debian/Linux file transfer via MTP

A painless tutorial on how to share files from and to your Android device. written on October 01, 2016

The most important metrics for stock investments

What are the most famous stock metrics and how to translate them into something useful to humans. written on September 17, 2016

Understanding the meaning of lvalues and rvalues in C++

A lightweight introduction to a couple of basic C++ concepts that act as a foundation for bigger structures. written on September 15, 2016

How to add new menu items to XFCE menu

Just create a simple text file and you're done. written on July 27, 2016

What is a stock?

Understanding how stocks work both from companies' and investors' point of view. written on July 11, 2016

Object literals vs constructors in JavaScript

I want to use JavaScript in a more object-oriented way. written on June 20, 2016

Real estate investing with REITs, MLPs and mutual funds

A way of investing in lands and buildings without getting your hands too dirty. written on June 12, 2016

Experimenting naive EUR/USD algo-trading

What happens when you blindly trade with a very dumb script in the year range 2000-2015. written on June 08, 2016

Fix kernel driver not installed in VirtualBox

How do I install kernel header files? written on May 03, 2016

What should I know about index funds

A type of mutual fund with a portfolio that approximates an index. written on April 08, 2016

Linear regression with one variable

Finding the best-fitting straight line through points of a data set. written on April 01, 2016

Introduction to machine learning

What machine learning is about, types of learning and classification algorithms, introductory examples. written on March 12, 2016

Run painless test suites in Python with Unittest

A gentle introduction to aggregate tests that will be executed together. written on March 02, 2016

An in-depth look at mutual funds, part 2

How to read a mutual fund's online prospectus like a pro (even without suit and tie). written on February 26, 2016