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Journeys into mutual funds

Mutual funds are a very common type of investment strategy. It's so well-known and established that when people talk about investment funds usually refer to (open-end) mutual funds.

Articles in this series

1. An in-depth look at mutual funds, part 1

First introductory chapter: internal workings, the concept of NAV, growth vs. income funds, fees and taxes. written on January 30, 2016

2. An in-depth look at mutual funds, part 2

How to read a mutual fund's online prospectus like a pro (even without suit and tie). written on February 26, 2016

3. What should I know about index funds

A type of mutual fund with a portfolio that approximates an index. written on April 08, 2016

4. Real estate investing with REITs, MLPs and mutual funds

A way of investing in lands and buildings without getting your hands too dirty. written on June 12, 2016