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Networking 101

The magic behind computers linked to each other that exchange information. Explored from the ground up.

Articles in this series

1. Introduction to computer networks

A bird's-eye view on the art of resource sharing from one computer to another. written on January 24, 2021

2. Understanding the Internet

“Is that thing still around?” — Homer Simpson written on March 04, 2021

3. Introduction to the TCP/IP protocol

The official rules that allow computers to communicate over the Internet. written on April 27, 2021

4. Introduction to IP: the Internet Protocol

From routing to IP addressing, a look at the protocol that gives life to the Internet. written on June 07, 2021

5. Introduction to TCP: Transmission Control Protocol

One of the most important, high-level protocols in the Internet Protocol Suite. written on August 03, 2021

6. Network programming for beginners: introduction to sockets

A theoretical look at one of the most popular programming tools for exchanging data over computer networks. written on September 10, 2021

7. Making HTTP requests with sockets in Python

A practical introduction to network programming, from socket configuration to network buffers and HTTP connection modes. written on January 01, 2022